Sunday, 25 December 2011

The Best Give Of All

Apparently now that I am safe and sound on familiar soil and not seperated from my beloved parents by the Atlantic, they have decided that funding the lifestyle i was used to for many months is no longer appropriate.  BUT This does not prevent me from giving them the best Christmas present of all times-- pictures of me!  Now i could give them nice delicate photos of me in sureen country sides or the like, but because of their choice to not continue to put money into my account my present may be slightly jaded.    I have decided the best present for the two of them is the complete series of photographs of their youngest, most beloved child throwing herself off of a bridge in South Africa.  Enjoy mum and dad!! Merry Christmas!!

If you play them really quickly then you can see my arms pinwheeling, desperately attempting to stop falling, but when i finally let go i had so much fun. 

1 comment:

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