Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Devil's Peak

                                               The Building is one of the libraries/ halls at UCT

The other weekend in search of "fun" and "appropriate" African experiences i signed up for a hike in the local mountains.  This was spur of the moment and i wasn't thinking clearly-- luckily for me!  The hike was so amazing, i did NOT expect to enjoy it so much. We hiked the Mountain peak right behind our campus called "Devil's Peak".  It was wicked scary but so much fun.  You had to rock climb at certain points and over this teeny ledge you hiked along was 100's of feet drop to the bottom.  Luckily I am a sure footed pony and was quite spry on the rocks.  It really looked like a scene from planet earth- i got a laugh from the group when i voiced that my only desire was to see a billy goat on the rocks.

                           This part of the hike was called "The Knife's Edge"

i felt great when i got to the top- its the highest peak in cape town and they decided to tell us at the top that it was also the most difficult- could have killed them.  You basically were rock climbing without any equipment.  It took people a little extra time to scale certain parts (b/c we were LITERALLY rock climbing) so i got to look out of the majestic city and my probable death many a feet below.  Still it was unbelievably beautiful and I discovered I am not afraid of heights.
              This is foggy because we were so high up clouds were below us and rising!
                                                         Can you spot me?  

the way down was the worst though.  It was walking down the back side of the mountain on rocky "stairs"  and i thought i was going to rip apart my knee joints or hip sockets or anckles or all three!!

At one point i got stuck behind this short, big headed girl that reminded me of a character from the "Labyrinth." she had been playing music on her phone for parts of the hike which enraged me- but when i was near her she wasn't playing any. this did not stop her from bopping around and "dancing" to music in her head. was she trying to be cute or something? anyway all this prancing around in her swishy sweat pants and keds forced her hair out of her pony so i was able to pass her as she tended to it. i got pretty hard in front of her because it was only a flat path and she sucked at hiking. the next thing i know she's yelping and clutching her foot. i knew it was b/c she was skipping around and acting a fool.

when i got to the bottom i found out she MAY have sprained her ankle so they were trying to carry her short ass down the mountain. a little while later a literal helicopter came and air lifted her off the mountain! she was about 25 mins from the bottom. crazy crazy crazy. . . YIA (your in africa, now!)

More posts coming soon- they'll be a bit out of order for a little while but hopefully I'll be back on track soon!

I miss everyone very very much

Monday, 25 July 2011


I'm in Africa!
This Blog is pretty much to chart my adventures through South Africa over the next few months.  Lord knows that everyone wants to hear about my every waking moment so I'll try my best to get everything down and NOT be a baby brat and use this to complain- but no promises. 

I'm excited to be here! . . . mostly!