Thursday, 13 October 2011

Botswana and Zimbabwe Spring break part III: part C

Walking with the Lions

I literally looked nervous and awkward in every photo

The next day was walking with the lions!  Now this sounds cool, and it was, but it was a bit awkward too.  They told you how to deal with the lions and had us take meter long sticks to distract the lion with if ever they wanted to “play.”  The sticks kind of reminded my and wands from harry potter but in reality they had no real power and it was all the guides controlling the lions.  So we got to see them up close in their sanctuary and walk with them.  They were being raised there to be released to breed and then those babies would be put into the wild to help the dwindling lion population.  So the lions we dealt with would never truly be “wild” but they still kind of were in a sense- the sense that they could rip our faces off and all.  The guides would take your camera and have you walk with the lion.  This meant petting the lion, while walking, while smiling at the camera- awkward.  In many of the pictures I look like I either am as awkward as anything or very distrustful of the lions.  All in all it was pretty cool though. 

Their eyes are enormous!

The Lions were huge!  But it was their eyes that were the best part of them.  They were giant and they looked straight at you.  The guide told us to NOT look away from them and don’t turn away when they’re looking at you.  You have to stand your ground and my confident.  The Male lion was cooler and had spots on him kind of like a leopard.  He also had a mane that was a Mohawk just like teenage Simba.

I am NOT looking to sure about this lion!  in reality i was more nervous of the guides and their photographing strategies

this is the best pic i could get- every other one was even more awkward if you can believe it

It looks like they are stalking their man prey

the Lions got exhausted after a little while- they're nocturnal you know
After this it was time to go home.  I really had so much fun with everyone and will miss both Botswana and Zimbabwe.  At the airport I met up with friends who had gone on different trips and had so much fun (surprisingly I missed these friends- crazy) so I know I’ll be traveling some more, HOPEFULLY!

I literally had so, so much fun!
At least in this one i'm kind of smiling!

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