Thursday, 13 October 2011

Botswana and Zimbabwe Spring break part III: part A

 Victoria Falls

So here’s the finale of my spring break but I promise it wont let you down- like absolutely every tv show ever- let me tell you.  Anyways!  Our final destination was Victoria Falls (one of the seven WONDERS OF THE WORLD!!!)  yes I did feel like that need both capitals and three exclamation marks because it is just that cool. I also realize I need a better, descriptive word than “cool” but I don’t even care a little bit.

SO!  Our final destination was Victoria Falls where we stayed in a place with actual beds.  Believe it or not but I was disappointed to not be sleeping in our tents and got horrible nights sleep hear.  Who knew?  After this trip I can now camp with the greatest of ease!  I don’t know how my spider phobia is doing because I hadn’t spotted one since but I think I’m much more manageable of a person now.  Way to go mokoros.  

                                                                                                                                                                       When we got there they showed us a vid of a bunch of stuff we could sign up to do (extra charge of course) so my group chose white water rafting and walking with lions.  For some reason me, liz (a girl from my program) and Jessie and louie (the two chill boys) initially put our names down with some random lady then paid.  Everyone else just paid with this other boy.  Turns out the four of us were the only ones who got to walk with lions b/c everything bureaucratic in Africa some how gets messed up.  So there was a huge problem over that, which I did not have to deal with a felt great about.

  That afternoon we went to see the water falls which were breath taking.  I missed my siblings a lot though bc it reminded me of a picture of the four of us looking at Niagara falls.  I secretly wanted the group to pose like this for a picture, but it wouldn’t be the same and never voiced it.  On the stroll around the waterfalls we saw a few monkeys and some wart hogs.  The warthogs also would just be trotting around town, same as the monkeys- very surreal.  The falls were honestly magnificent and I can totally see why they are one of the 7 wonders of the world.  At points we got pretty close to the edge to look down the canyon.  With my prior knowledge from mountain hiking I knew I was not afraid of heights and would bound up to the edge and look over- but an unknown woman nearly freaked when we were doing this gasping and choking telling us to please be careful. I suppose this was kind of her but honestly I had had enough of her.  I got her point though b/c when the wind blew the mist would spray us and the rocks would indeed get a bit slippery.

Across the canyon, to where the water actually fell was Zambia.  There you can swim in the “devil’s pool” as one of the tourist attractions.  It looked really cool, but I felt just like the fusspot of a woman because I was very nervous when you could see the people standing up on the ledge of the pool.  Basically it is a weird calm area right at the ledge of the drop with rocks holding you in, but recently someone died trying to save a woman who was going over the ledge so it is pretty dangerous.

The Sunset was my favorite point.  I really liked how absolutely everyone there appreciated it and everyone kept commenting on how beautiful it was.  No one could get over the sights and how lucky we were to be there.  I really wish the pictures could do it justice, but being in person it was so stunning.

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