Friday, 30 September 2011


Some art work around campus

This one's my fav

I DO love it but. . .

Let me preface this in saying that I love South Africa.  I really am having so much fun here and enjoying all the places and people. BUT I would not be myself if I did not have a few things that enraged me beyond all measure, so here they are:

In no particular order

1) The fact that every store (exception for one particular grocery store) closes at 5 p.m.  Without fail at 5 on the dot they will close those barred gates in your face and shut down.  The fact that they don’t open until 11 am or the fact that they take a 2 hour lunch break has no baring.  If the store has been open for at most 4 hours then it is time to stop working.  Absolutely brutal.

2) Boys here wear sleeveless shirts proudly!  No one even comments or makes fun of them. They think its cool or something!  Wildly Inappropriate.

3) South Africans are all skinny.  Clothes shopping is a hugely depressing matter because A) the sizes here run two sizes smaller so you already feel bigger and B) everyone here is skinny so nothing ever fits!  Jerks. 

4) Now this is probably the thing I hate the most . . . Pigeons.  They are everywhere and anywhere.  I walked into the place where people buy lunch and sit at tables- I don’t know what it’s called . . . the food court I suppose?  Anyway, I walked in there to find 7 pigeons eating at a table!  No one even flinched!  These stupid pigeons were a welcome diner at this establishment.  And then getting home there was the most idiotic pigeon freaking out in the stair well.  I freaked out too until our cleaning lady came along.  I’m not exactly sure if she heard me raging at the ridiculous pigeon or what but she scooped it up in her bare hands and delivered it to the freedom outside like she was Noah setting lose a dove.  What the!?  Her bare hands!  That brainless pigeon wouldn’t have even been around if not for the fact that randos on the street insist on feeding the pigeons’ already spherical bodies massive amounts of food.  Not even scrapes mind you but actual bird food.  It is by the grace of God I don’t go out there in a blind rage and smack them for their inconsiderate behavior!! Honestly!

5) People who sing outloud in public – not specified to South Africa.

6) The fact that I now feel guilty for wanting to kill a bee because a girl called it murder.  What does she know anyways! She probably wears mismatched socks as a fashion statement and uses Tom’s Natural Deodorant.  I bet she even brushes her teeth with baking soda because she doesn’t want to support big business but at the same time will buy a $500 long hemp coat.  She seemed like the type.

So this blog was not suppose to be about complaining and I told myself the 3 complaints would be enough, but I think 6 complaints is ok. 

Here are some pictures to reaffirm in saying that South Africa is really amazing and I love it- but it does have its faults.

There are hidden stair cases every where on campus-- it makes it feel a little like Hogwarts

Campus at sunrise- I'm up before the sun here a lot for some odd reason

This is a mini bus that brings you everywhere for one dollar. . . you also have to sign your life away to ride in one too.  I wish they were all painted like this!

This was were I saw literally 25 pigeons sitting at a table having lunch with NO one reacting! I missed them all sitting there but here's one on his way out after a nice lunch

the regale pigeon
  The Thing that enrages me the most out of anything in the world is the internet here and my inability to blog

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