Thursday, 11 August 2011

Some Notes

 So I've been here about a month and these are some important things I've noticed so far:

                                            This pigeon was particularly gross looking
Pigeons here think they are ants.  They love to walk around thinking they are tiny and inconspicuous.  They are neither of these things.  They crawl around underfoot and are shocked when you kick at them to get away.  Every time you shoo them they look at you like “hey!  How do you see me?  I’m just this stupid pigeon crawling around our ankles in the middle of a café- what the!”  They are so weird.  All I can think when I see them is: Don't Let the Pigeon Ride The Bus!!

Girls with their temples shaved off are found here a plenty.  But the weird thing is non of them are South African!  It’s like a weird pull for these types of ladies to both shave a patch off their head and then journey to the southern hemisphere- some could even say cultish.  I don’t have faith in these girls.  I feel like they are outwardly broadcasting their two-face nature.  Anyone who so proudly shares their inner flows like that on their sleeves are not to be trusted!  That being said I met one and she seemed ok.

South Africans hate weather.  Now this could be my thinking because I come from a land where being able to tolerate extreme weathers is held in high regard but South Africans are a little silly.  The temperatures have been a bit cold but nothing a hoodie and a jacket can’t fight.  Instead I see numerous people walking around in parkas and looking like the might fall over frozen any second.  I do love how when it rains everyone will run full out to avoid it.  I always feel a bit wimpy doing this but here its everyman for himself and if you don’t move quickly you’ll be shoved into a puddle.  

 The Dog's here are so cute, but wicked rare.  Upsetting b/c it was my big plan to steal a dog and keep it at my apartment for protection.  Fortunately you get used to the city sounds fairly quickly so a guard dog is not a necessity for a sound sleep. 

South Africans, they love their mayonnaise.  On every single menu they put at the bottom extra mayonnaise for the side in every flavor.  It’s hard pressed to find a place that brags about their mayonnaise.  They put it on everything.  Brutal. 

They have this chain restuarnt here called “Spurs”  that is a stake house-rancheros style food- but basically it’s a burgers and fry place.  Just guess what their symbol/masquot is! It’s a . . . Native American!  Because Native Americans are famous for their burger and fries and know a good way to grill.  Obviously. 

Their taxis are really buses that reminded me so much of the Knight Bus from “Harry Potter.”  You walk along any main road an stick out your hand and a van pulls up almost immediately. You pay 5 rand (less than a dollar) and crawl in this van that holds 12+ people.  Everything will jump out of the way of these vans- telephone poles, people, other cars, buildings—the only thing that won’t leap out of the way is other buses.  You zig zag along the roads thinking you’ll definitely hit something but you never do, they’re pretty skilled.  After you finally get to your destination, usually a small walk away from it, you get out feeling slightly sick and very happy to be on solid ground.  Despite this feeling you always get into the bus again- maybe for the thrill?

Finally: Penguins.
They are ac cute as they look!  I think they know they’re cute b/c they can hold eye contact and you can just tell they know you want to scoop them up in a hug.  They live along the beaches here but if you walk around beach towns you can spot them walking along the streets with you- usually these penguins are quite brave but they always appear lost.


  1. I want one of those penguins! Please smuggle one home for me!

  2. so i keep trying to post comments but they keep getting erased!! So first off, i love the way you describe things, and secondly even though those dogs are super cute, I think you should steal a penguin for your guard animal. It freeze potential criminals with it's cuteness! Why is there a penguin in a sewer? And when you said they know they are cute it reminded me of Sirius, so I think they are secretly trying to get food out of you. Maybe the pidgeons just think they are cute penguins